Online Therapy

Online Therapy

You are busy and juggle many needs – from your own, to those of your loved ones, social obligations and work. It doesn’t always leave much time to travel to a therapist’s office for weekly appointments! We also know our world is more global and connected, with work often requiring travel and extended periods away from the home or office to attend meetings out of the state and in other countries. While we encourage all clients to make time to come into the office for therapy, we know life happens and that coming in person for a session is not always possible.

We offer ongoing online therapy services to clients who are not able to come into the office due many situations. This might include a medical condition, the requirement to be on bedrest at home or at the hospital or for an injury. Chronic illness, injury and serious medical conditions can cause isolation and lead to mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety. Our goal is to use online therapy to bring you the support you need, where and when you need it most. This allows us to work together to prevent mental health symptoms from worsening as well as facilitate better physical outcomes. Research has shown mental health is closely linked to physical wellbeing and recovery.

Technology also continues to improve and at Sage House we make use of the latest technology that combines the highest levels of HIPAA compliance and security, while offering high-speed video and audio connection. To learn more about the online therapy platform our therapists use, click here to learn more. Here you will be given an overview of just how simple it is to log in and meet with your therapist from the convenience of your home or office.

We recognize that in therapy every expression, sigh, tear and elation are important for us to experience together. While hard to replicate an in-person meeting and connection with technology, we are confident our online therapy provides the opportunity to deeply connect and be heard, felt and understood. We also appreciate the comforts home can bring and welcome the opportunities to create a therapy relationship that suites each person’s individual needs and preferences.

We work with parents who find it challenging to leave the house due to a lack of child care, but still desperately need the support of therapy. We also understand the last-minute changes that can arise in a day. Our online therapy options allow us to be flexible and work with you to make therapy a welcomed opportunity for growth rather than a burden.

Some of the most common reasons clients choose online therapy are:

  • Stay at home parents without child care options
  • Lack of transportation options to the therapy office
  • Caregivers of child or adult patients who are unable to leave their loved one
  • Homebound clients with chronic or life threatening/ impairing illness
  • Pregnant women on bedrest at home or at the hospital
  • Individuals who travel frequently for work
  • Crisis intervention, as needed, when appropriate
  • Inclement weather when either the client and therapist cannot come to the office

Online therapy options are only available to adults and older adolescents (ages 16+) on a case by case basis. Our practice requires children and families to come into the office for in-person sessions. For more information about child and family therapy.

Can I Use Art Therapy in My Online Therapy?

We recommend to all clients wishing to incorporate art therapy into their treatment plan to be willing and able to attend in-person therapy sessions. This will enable the art therapist to provide the most optimal and appropriate materials and setting for using art in your treatment plan.

However, we acknowledge this is not always possible and can provide individual consultations about what we can offer for your specific circumstances. For clients whose treatment plan includes online art therapy sessions, the therapist will provide a detailed list of art materials to have on hand at home for use during and outside of the sessions. As most of the materials we use in art therapy are readily available at local and online retailors, clients often enjoy setting up a home studio for their own use. At the time of the online session, depending on the art materials available to the client at home and what the client is wishing to focus on in therapy, the therapists will determine the appropriate art intervention.

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We care deeply about the needs of our community and strive to advocate for those needs through our services, resources, and partnerships.



We’re not perfect. And neither are you. And that’s okay. We celebrate what your version of wellbeing looks like instead of fitting you into a predetermined box.



Therapy doesn’t always have to be heavy and serious. It can be light and playful and funny, and we take pride in cultivating an atmosphere of joy amidst transformative healing.