Therapy in Northern Virginia

Welcome to Sage House Counseling & Art Therapy, where we specialize in working with you to build the life you want. We support you through the process of setting specific therapy goals and working towards change. Whether it is adjusting to a life or relationship change, a death or a traumatic experience, or managing a mood disorder, our trained clinicians have the knowledge and expertise to guide you to a healthier you.

Our Masters-level trained clinicians have extensive knowledge of some of the most common mental health concerns as well as specialties that require additional knowledge and years of experience. Below are a list of our therapeutic specialties.


Anxiety produces a constant string of worries, panic attacks and at times it may just feel endless and overwhelming. Living with anxiety can take a toll on relationships, job performance and overall well being. As one of the most common mood disorders we treat, we know how to quickly and effectively manage symptoms and give you tools to create lasting positive change.


Depression is one of the most common mood disorders we treat at Sage House. Our clinicians understand that depression can feel like a heavy blanket – weighing you down, keeping you isolated and unable to enjoy life. We believe there are things that can be done to effectively manage depression and get back to the life you want to live. Through evidence-based tools and a holistic approach to your wellness we create a customized treatment plan to address your symptoms and underlying root causes.

Trauma & PTSD

Traumatic events or experiences of abuse can cause long-term negative symptoms. For some this may include flashbacks, trouble sleeping, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), difficulties in relationships as well as anxiety and depression. Our clinicians complete specialized, trauma-informed education and training in the most effective strategies and tools to treat trauma. Our knowledgeable staff provides tools from day one of your treatment to aid you in managing symptoms and getting back to the life you deserve to be living.

Relationship Changes & Divorce/Separation

Relationships play a key role in our daily lives and can have a strong effect on our mood as along with our emotional and physical well being. Relationships also change over time requiring adaptation, understanding and self-awareness. For individuals going through separation or divorce or those starting significant relationship commitments, we understand the unique challenges you may face. Our knowledgeable and experienced clinicians are here to partner with you so you don’t have to walk this road alone.

Grief & Loss

The grieving process is unique to each person and a normal part of the human experience. Together we walk the path of grief, providing along the way a space to feel heard, held and cared for. Our trained clinicians are knowledgeable about the stages of grief and how to provide a supportive atmosphere and resources to meet each of our client’s needs.

Postpartum Mood Disorders & Anxiety

Postpartum depression, anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) are more common than most people think and can affect both mothers as well as their partners. We offer a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space to express feelings and start to heal. Our clinicians are specially trained in perinatal mental health through the organization Postpartum Support International and offer the highest level of care and expertise. To learn more about the signs and symptoms of Postpartum mood disorders.

Pregnancy Support

Pregnancy is a time of incredible physical and emotional changes. Although not often discussed, pregnancy can be a scary, overwhelming experience for some. We are here to provide support as you navigate one of the most significant life experiences you will ever have. Clients work with our specially-trained clinicians, from conception to birth to address feelings and thoughts in a non-judgmental, supportive environment.

Fertility Challenges/Loss

One of the most common, yet least discussed experiences among couples, are fertility challenges and loss. The grief felt about a miscarriage, the loss of a baby or infertility can feel too taboo to share. At Sage House, our clinical staff is knowledge and sensitive to the unique challenges and grief that can come with fertility challenges. All feelings are valid here and our mission is to partner with you so you (and your partner) don’t have to walk this alone.

Our Values



We care deeply about the needs of our community and strive to advocate for those needs through our services, resources, and partnerships.



We’re not perfect. And neither are you. And that’s okay. We celebrate what your version of wellbeing looks like instead of fitting you into a predetermined box.



Therapy doesn’t always have to be heavy and serious. It can be light and playful and funny, and we take pride in cultivating an atmosphere of joy amidst transformative healing.