​Fairfax Therapy

​Fairfax Therapy


Sage House Counseling and Art Therapy is located in Fairfax County, a short drive from the town of Fairfax. Our office is a 5-minute walk to Metro’s Silver Line at the Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station.

At Sage House, we focus on a variety of populations and specialize in using art therapy, play therapy, and sand tray therapy which can help unblock growth areas that talk therapy alone can miss. We see more breakthroughs when adult therapy clients incorporate sand tray and art therapy into their sessions than when using talk therapy alone.

We provide family therapy, individual therapy, and group therapy to those in the Fairfax, VA area. We serve both children and adults and our facilities are professional and serene whether you are an adult client relaxing before or after seeing their therapist or a parent waiting for a child who is in-session.

Whether your session is onsite or you have a secure online therapy video session, we encourage self-care and an enjoyment of the small pleasures in life. At the Sage House office, we provide hot tea, coffee, and cocoa for you and your family. We have two bathrooms and welcome moms and their newborns in the session to encourage a strong mother-child bond and to make breast-feeding more convenient if you are not using formula or bottles.

Fairfax Therapy Services

At Sage House family matters. Fairfax county households are 70% families with children and teens and Sage House is here to support all your child therapy, adolescent therapy, and family therapy needs. Following an intake session, we see your child weekly and follow-up with in-person parent meetings to help you understand how we can partner to help your child thrive. Art therapy is especially helpful for children, whose linguistics and self-awareness may still be developing. But, even the most thoughtful and articulate adults find art therapy beneficial when included in their individual therapy appointments. We use art therapy because it helps us access parts of ourselves that can be more easily revealed on paper, sand tray, or canvas. Often our clients will share with us that art therapy helped to unblock growth areas that talk therapy had missed in the past. At Sage House, we notice more breakthroughs occur when adult therapy clients incorporate art therapy and sand tray into their sessions than when using talk therapy alone.

Sage House clinicians are also specially trained in perinatal mental health. We know that pregnancy and the months following the birth of child can be emotionally challenging. We specialize in perinatal mood disorders and anxiety and will match you with the postpartum therapist and perinatal therapist to support your needs. In addition, we offer perinatal support groups, a women’s circle, parental coaching and counseling for both new and seasoned parents. We conduct in person sessions as well as online therapy which can be helpful when it is hard to leave the house for a range of reasons. Whether it is pregnancy complications, bed rest or challenges finding child care once the baby arrives, we work with you to find the best and most comfortable solution. Our clients take solace in knowing our clinicians are flexible and our online therapy is private, secure and HIPAA-compliant.

For those new to the area, looking for a hospital to meet your family’s health needs, the highest rated hospital is Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington which receives the most positive patient marks for overall rating and hospital recommendations, cleanliness, doctors’ and nurses’ communication, and pain management. For more local options, you can consider Inova Fair Oaks Hospital in Fair Oaks and the Inova Fairfax Medical Campus in Falls Church.

Fairfax Counseling and Art Therapy

Sage House also works with businesses via onsite corporate events with a focus on team building, group dynamics, and renewal & wellness. If your team is burnt-out or just looking to replenish its collective energy, Sage House can help. We will develop a custom, 2-hour session for your team and provide all art supplies and materials. Click here for more information on these services.

Our space has ample parking, but clients also take advantage of the W&O trail and public transportation options which are a few steps away. The Reston Internal Bus System connects riders to Reston Town Center (RTC) while Fairfax County’s Connector bus and Metrobus link riders between Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station and destinations throughout Fairfax County. You may even decide to indulge in a coffee or snack at nearby Starbucks or Founding Farmers located at the Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station.

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We are just a quick walk from the Wiehle-Reston East Metro Station and W&OD Trail.



Sage House supports your needs in family, individual, and group settings.



We combine talk therapy with board-certified expertise in art therapy, sand tray therapy, and play therapy.