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Ashburn Therapy


Sage House Counseling and Art Therapy serves residents of Ashburn, Virginia and the surrounding Loudoun County suburbs. Many of our clients seek out therapy services at Sage House because we are one of the only group practices in the area to offer art therapy, play therapy and sand tray therapy in additional to traditional talk therapy. We believe offering these alternative modalities to traditional talk therapy provides our clients with the ability for greater insight and faster growth. Creative therapies can unlock growth areas that talk therapy can sometimes miss. Many of our adult clients report greater positive change when art therapy and/or sand tray therapy is incorporated into their sessions. Sage House is also unique in our ability to serve children as young as three years old as well as teens, adults and families. We also specialize in treating mood disorders and anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum.

Our office is conveniently located about 20 minutes from Ashburn, Virginia. For clients wishing to use the metro we are within walking distance of the Wiehle-Reston East Metro stop (Silver Line). Our offices and waiting rooms are professional and serene. We offer complimentary coffee, hot teas and healthy snacks for you and your family. Sage House has two bathrooms, which are conveniently located on the first and second floors of our office building. Whether you are a parent whose child is seeing one of our therapists or an adult client who wishes to relax before or after an appointment, we strive to provide a welcoming space.

For clients who find it challenging to come into the office for therapy, we offer online therapy through our secure, HIPAA compliant telehealth service. Our knowledgeable clinicians are experienced at creating treatment plans to meet your therapy goals and work with your busy life.

Ashburn Therapy Services

We care about you and your family. In the last ten years, Ashburn has grown into a hub for families in the Northern Virginia area. We know that 72% of Ashburn households are families (the average for Virginia is 67%) and Sage House is here to support your child, adolescent and family therapy needs. Our clinicians create a personalized treatment plan and offer parents tools to support the work being done between their child and clinician. We also provide knowledgeable referrals to psychiatrists and support groups, as needed.

Treatment at Sage House typically consists of 5-6 initial, weekly sessions to allow the clinician and client to build a trusting relationship. These initial sessions are also used to evaluate and create a comprehensive treatment plan. If your child or teen sees one of our clinicians, you will also be invited to participate in parental meetings. Our goal is to partner with parents, provide valuable resources and address challenges in a clear and effective way with your child, teen and/or family.

At Sage House, we also focus on perinatal mental health. Our Perinatal Wellness program provides specialized care to pregnant and postpartum mothers experiencing a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder. In Ashburn, the birth rate is greater than that of Virginia and the total U.S. (7% in Ashburn vs. 5% for both Virginia and the total U.S.) making the need for perinatal mental health care even more essential. Sage House will pair you with a specially trained perinatal therapist to best support the needs of you and your baby. Moreover, we host perinatal support groups along with parental coaching for new and seasoned parents alike. Many of our postpartum clients enjoy the option of online therapy, which provides support from the comfort of their own home. Our perinatal clinicians create a customized plan, which takes into account your unique life circumstances, medical conditions and needs. Clients receiving online therapy take solace in knowing that Sage House ensures all online therapy is private, secure and HIPAA-compliant.

If you are pregnant and new to the Ashburn area you may also be looking for a hospital to give birth or for your family’s day-to-day medical needs. The highest rated hospital in the area is Inova Fair Oaks Hospital in Fairfax, VA which receives some of the best patient scores for cleanliness, communication, pain management, and overall rating and hospital recommendations. Other highly-ranked options include Inova Fairfax Hospital in Annandale and Suburban Hospital in Bethesda.

Ashburn Counseling and Art Therapy

One of the things that sets Sage House apart from other group counseling practices is our ability to offer art therapy, sand tray therapy and play therapy. For children, art therapy and play therapy can be especially helpful, as their language development and self-awareness may still be maturing. Yet, even the most articulate and insightful adults find art therapy beneficial when integrated in their individual therapy sessions. Art therapy lets us access subconscious themes that permeate our daily lives and can be more easily uncovered on canvas, paper, or sand tray. Our registered, board certified Art Therapists will assist you in creating the most effective treatment plan that work for you or your loved one.

In addition to individuals and families, Sage House also caters to Ashburn businesses via on-site corporate events focusing on team building, group dynamics, and renewal & wellness. If your team is in over-drive more often than you’d like or looking to restore its collective energy, we can help. Our expert staff, with years of group leadership experience, will develop a bespoke program to meet your team’s needs. Click here for additional details on corporate events.

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We holistically combine talk therapy with art therapy, sand tray therapy, and play therapy.