Group Therapy

Group Therapy in Northern Virginia

Sage House offers several therapy groups in Northern Virginia throughout the year. Some of our groups provide support for specific areas of interest and groups of people with a shared experience or interest. Many of our groups incorporate art therapy and mindfulness. Our clinicians also incorporate evidenced-based tools including CBT and DBT. Our support groups and workshops vary as the needs of the participants change over time. Our clinicians work to keep topics and approaches relevant and helpful to the needs of all participants.

Some of our clients choose to build upon or supplement the work they are doing in individual therapy with a support group. We have seen some clients experience faster and longer-lasting positive change by engaging in both individual and group therapy. Our clinicians are happy to work with you to create a treatment plan that is comprehensive and incorporates both forms of therapy, as clinically indicated. There is no requirement to participate in individual or family therapy in order to attend support groups. Our clinical team can assist you by recommendations for the best course of therapy based on your specific needs.

The list of support groups we offer throughout the year include:

Pregnancy Support Group

which offers support to women and their partners on the journey from conception to birth. This support group is facilitated by a Sage House clinician specially trained in perinatal mental health. Together we explore both the physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy, learn new coping skills and share in a supportive, non-judgmental space. To learn more or to register click here.

Art Therapy Group

allows participants to connect with others through the creative process. Participants share their story and feelings in a place of empathy where they feel heard and understood. All groups are facilitated by a Registered, Board-Certified Art Therapist. No art experience required. To learn more or to register click here.

Parenting Workshops

our clinicians share with parents the latest research findings in childhood development, effective parenting strategies and the ins and out of navigating emotional challenges impacting their children. Facilitated by our Sage House clinicians who specialize in child and family therapy, our workshops are where parents can get support and answers to their most pressing questions. To learn more or to register click here.

Women’s Empowerment Circle

open to all women wishing to engage in self-exploration in a supportive group setting. This gathering is a blend between a support group and workshop. Topics range from building self-awareness and compassion to developing more life balance and fostering gratitude. Topics vary per gathering and the circle is hosted by a Sage House clinician. To learn more or to register click here.

Group Painting Classes

the newest workshop at Sage House. We offer participants an opportunity to make art together in a space that celebrates creativity and diversity. A member of our Sage House team facilitates the experience, leading participants through the creation process from blank canvas to personal masterpiece. To learn more or to register click here.

Our groups welcome all adults, ages 18 and older. Advanced registration is required for all attendees. We believe healing can only be possible when all participants feel welcome and the “fit” is right. For this reason, we offer all first-time participants a complimentary first session to allow for participation without a prior investment or commitment.

All of our support groups and Women’s Empowerment Circle meet bi-weekly, on weekday evenings, at our Reston office, just a few blocks from the Wiehle-Reston metro. Occasionally we will offer workshops on the weekends. To view a schedule of meeting dates for any of the groups listed above please use the links provided above.

Sage House clinician Kelley Kuchinov, MA, ATR-BC facilitates our groups and workshops. Kelley is a Registered, Board-Certified Art Therapist who brings over 15 years of experience to her work. To learn more about Kelley please click here.

We know therapy is an investment. We offer several payment packages to help with the cost of participation. Packages can be purchased at the time of the session or in advance. All packages are non-refundable and cannot be applied towards individual or family therapy services.

Our Values



We care deeply about the needs of our community and strive to advocate for those needs through our services, resources, and partnerships.



We’re not perfect. And neither are you. And that’s okay. We celebrate what your version of wellbeing looks like instead of fitting you into a predetermined box.



Therapy doesn’t always have to be heavy and serious. It can be light and playful and funny, and we take pride in cultivating an atmosphere of joy amidst transformative healing.