Adolescent Therapy

Does My Teenager Need Therapy?

The mental health of your teenager can have a significant impact on their learning, behavior and emotional regulation. Recent research studies have shown us high school students suffering from depression are more than twice as likely to drop out of school compared to their peers. However, knowing how to support your loved one who is suffering can be overwhelming. You may feel uncertain as to what to do or where you should turn. We are here for you. Whether you’re finding it challenging to set limits, or you’re at a loss for how to help your teen through a difficult experience or your teen just isn’t acting like themselves, our clinicians have the expertise and knowledge to address even the most challenging situations.

Therapy for Teenagers with Parents Going Through Divorce

Each year many families go through a parental separation or divorce while children are living in the home. For many families, this happens when children are in their teens and can be very challenging for everyone involved. Sage House Therapy provides teens a sanctuary of confidentiality and safety to share difficult feelings and make sense of their experiences in the changing family. We also partner with parents to provide compassionate, understanding support and resources to best support their teen outside of the therapy session. When needed we provide family therapy, providing a supportive space to share feelings, gain clarity and find acceptance.

Therapy for Teenagers Struggling in School

For teenagers, high school can be a place of great social and emotional growth and connection, but for some it can also involve bullying, peer pressure and anxiety. Especially in Northern Virginia, the competitive college admissions, school sports and extracurricular activities, can leave teens feeling overwhelmed by all the pressure to succeed. For some teens, the pressure can lead to over-exertion and anxiety. For others, it can lead to a sense of hopelessness and giving up. As the teenage brain continues to develop and the work load increases in high school, issues around attention may start to emerge and cause difficulty in the classroom. As many teens try to navigate challenges, they may isolate themselves or only share concerns with their friends, leaving parents in the dark. This is where Sage House Therapy comes in to not only support the teen who is struggling, but also partner with parents and school teachers and administrators to provide needed support and expertise. We are knowledgeable about resources and how to best support teens who are struggling with the pressures of school, ADD or ADHD and social-emotional concerns.

Therapy for Teenagers Experiencing Grief

The loss of a family member, a friend, or a significant family change or move can bring on intense feelings of grief for many teens. At a time when teens are developing their sense of self, experiencing hormonal changes and starting to form life-long relationships, losses and change can feel devastating. The loss of a significant person in a teen’s life or the move to a new place can cause anxiety, depression and cascade into numerous parts of life and academics. Our clinicians work closely with your teen and family to understand the unique concerns and feelings of your teen’s grief. We provide a gentle, supportive environment which welcomes all feelings. While maintaining confidentiality with your teen, we partner with parents to provide appropriate resources, support groups and tools for your teen outside of therapy.

How Therapy Works

Early intervention with therapy services specifically tailored to your teen’s needs is key. We use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and other evidence-based counseling practices to ensure your child is working towards a healthier self from the very first session. We also incorporate art therapy and mindfulness as needed and often find that our teenage clients enjoy therapy more and have better outcomes when provided a creative means of expression. We also partner with you, the parent, to ensure you are informed and involved throughout the entire therapy process. We navigate the delicate balance of confidentiality and trust, while also ensuring appropriate parental involvement. We provide family therapy, as needed, and develop a comprehensive treatment plan with tools and tips for parents so you will feel more confident and well equipped at home. Wondering if your teenager might need therapy? Click here for more information on teens.

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