Family Therapy

Family Therapy in Northern Virginia

We welcome all families here! At Sage House Therapy, our clinicians understand and value the unique needs of single parents, heterosexual parents, same gender parents, foster parents, non-binary and/or transgender parents and grandparents who are the primary caregivers.

You love your child and want them to be happy. You may know your child is struggling, but you just aren’t sure how to help or what to do next. Your family might be experiencing a change, such as a divorce, separation or recent death of a loved one. Perhaps your child has witnessed or been involved in something traumatic, is moving to a new home or school, is dealing with bullying or having a conflict with friends. As a parent you might been looking for ways to help your child navigate these family changes, losses and traumatic experiences. We are here to provide your child with the space for exploration, understanding, compassion and support. We work with each child through talk, art, play and sand tray to safely explore their thoughts and feelings

We also partner with parents to listen, collaborate and understand the best ways to enable parents to support their child. We support parents by giving them tools to use at home to continue the healing process and bring their child back to a place of wellness.

Below is some additional information about our specialties.

Divorce & Parental Separation

Divorce, separation and custody arrangements can feel overwhelming for families. Our Sage House Therapy clinicians understand the unique challenges divorce can place on each family member. We provide compassion, understanding and support when you need it most. To learn more click here.

Grief & Loss

One of the most common reasons parents seek clinician services and support at Sage House Therapy is following the death of a loved one. Our clinicians offer a wealth of experience and knowledge around the grieving process. We compassionately guide your child and/or family, using art, play and talk therapy. We aim to provide a gentle, supportive atmosphere to express feelings and we offer parents helpful, developmentally appropriate tools for children about death and the grieving process. To learn more click here.

Parental Coaching

At Sage House Therapy we know it takes a village. We are here to support your family and work together to bring enjoyment and peace back into parenthood. Our knowledgeable clinicians, many of whom are parents themselves, provide support, resources and recommendations tailored to your family’s needs. To learn more click here.

Our Therapy Approaches

At Sage House Therapy we listen carefully to the whole family to tailor our therapy approach to meet your goals. We offer the unique ability to not only offer traditional talk therapy and counseling, but also art, play and sand tray therapies. This is helpful as families can include children of varying ages with differing abilities to verbally express feelings and thoughts. Our clinicians are educated and experienced in art and play therapy as well as trauma, childhood development and attachment. We approach each family from a child-centered perspective and work holistically to ensure all aspects of wellness are being addressed. We also view parental participation both in and out of the therapy session are integral to the process.

Art Therapy

All of our Sage House Therapy clinicians hold Masters degrees in Art Therapy and are credentialed through the Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATCB). We uphold the highest levels of ethical practice, certification and training in the field of art therapy, ensuring our clients receive exceptional care by knowledgeable professionals. To learn more about our Art Therapy services please click here.

Sand Tray Therapy

Similar to Art Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy offers a visual language for families and children to use to communicate challenging emotions and experiences. The sand tray engages a child’s imagination and allows the child to share his or her internal world. Our therapists are specially trained to use the sand tray therapeutically with families and children. To learn more about how Sand Tray Therapy please click here.

Play Therapy

Play therapy gives young children and families a safer and more natural way to express feelings and thoughts. Through play, young children communicate easily and our specially trained therapists leverage specific play therapy approaches to allow for the most effective therapy outcomes. We also work closely with parents to make recommendations about interventions and tools that can be used at home while between sessions. To learn about play therapy please click here.

Our Values



We care deeply about the needs of our community and strive to advocate for those needs through our services, resources, and partnerships.



We’re not perfect. And neither are you. And that’s okay. We celebrate what your version of wellbeing looks like instead of fitting you into a predetermined box.



Therapy doesn’t always have to be heavy and serious. It can be light, playful and even fun! We take pride in cultivating an atmosphere of joy amidst transformative healing.