Upcoming Events

Please Join Us!

Sage House is dedicated to offering community events throughout the year. 

Due to COVID-19, we are currently not offering any in-person events. We  are offering online art groups starting January 2021. To learn or to register, please check out our Art Therapy Groups page.  

Our offerings include a range of activities including workshops in collaboration with local business, schools non-profits and organizations. We offer our events and workshops at either minimal or no cost to all participants and encourage all to join us. Our events and workshops offer participants a window into how our clinicians use art therapy, sand tray and play therapy as well as mindfulness in a therapeutic way.

Sage House strives to educate the public on topics ranging from mental health concerns to coping skills and resources. We work to provide meaningful workshops that provide individuals with resources and tools that can be used in everyday life to lower anxiety and increase self-awareness and compassion. Interested in attending or hosting a group or workshop? For more info about hosting an event at your workplace or home please reach out to us! We welcome the opportunity to tailor an experience to your communities’ needs and interests



Northern Virginia Family & Parenting Workshops

As Sage House is also a child and family therapy practice, we offer parent and family wellness workshops. It is here that our clinicians share the latest research findings in childhood development, parenting strategies and how to navigate emotional challenges that impact children of all ages. We know that it is hard to be a parent at times and are here to partner with you and your family.

Northern Virginia Support Groups

Our most requested and frequently held events include our support groups. We offer several support groups throughout the year, which vary in topic. Our most popular groups include our Art Therapy Support Group and the Perinatal Wellness Support Group. Our support groups are held are our Reston office location, which is conveniently located just a few blocks from the Wiehle-Reston Metro Station. Groups usually meet in the evenings, twice a month. We welcome our current clients as well as member of the community that are not currently participating in individual therapy at Sage House. We know that individual therapy is a large investment of both time and money. Our therapy support groups provide the opportunity to experience some of the benefits of individual therapy at a fraction of the cost. To encourage participation, we also offer discounted packages and work with you and your budget as best we can to meet your needs.

Our experienced Sage House clinicians facilitate all of our support groups, incorporating art making, talk therapy and evidenced based tools including CBT, DBT and mindfulness. Some Sage House clients choose to participate in both individual therapy and a support group during their treatment. If you are interested in combining individual therapy with a support group please reach out to us! Our therapists will be able to offer suggestions of the most suitable support group for you and when it will be offered. Clients who do combine individual therapy with group therapy have shared with us that it helped enhance their personal growth, insight and better addressed specific issues. Overall, clients report combining individual therapy with the support group to be beneficial in meeting their therapy goals. Participants 18 years and older are welcome to participate in our support groups. As our goal is to encourage participation, we offer a complimentary initial session. Our goal is to ensure the group you join is the best fit for your needs. To learn more about our support groups and to register please click here.

Northern Virginia Women’s Circle

Sage House also offers a Women’s Empowerment Circle. This gathering is somewhere between a support group and a workshop. The Circle welcomes all women and offers a place to gain and deepen self-awareness and self-discovery as well as increase confidence and life balance. The circle also emphasizes the connection between the mind and body and the impact mental health has on physical health. Participants learn to identify area of stress in their lives and useful tools to bring about lasting change and overall better heath. Our Sage House clinician Kelley Kuchinov, MA, ATR-BC, guides our Circle. Kelley is a Registered, Board- Certified Art Therapist with over 15 years of experience leading workshops and working with women. Our participants find the circle to a supportive community where they are able to practice letting go of old patterns in order to find their own inner healing and compassion. Advanced registration is required and packages are available for purchase. To learn more or to register click here.

Northern Virginia Group Painting Classes

A newest offering at Sage House is our group painting classes, which are educational, fun and therapeutic as well! Our Group Painting classes welcome all experience levels (yes, it is okay if you have never made art before!). We offer participants a unique opportunity to come together to play and create in a space that celebrates diversity and creativity. Our painting classes are facilitated by our Sage House art therapists who guides participants as they go from a blank canvas to a masterpiece! Interested in hosting a group painting class at your next event? For more information click here.

Our Values



We care deeply about the needs of our community and strive to advocate for those needs through our services, resources, and partnerships.



We’re not perfect. And neither are you. And that’s okay. We celebrate what your version of wellbeing looks like instead of fitting you into a predetermined box.



Therapy doesn’t always have to be heavy and serious. It can be light and playful and funny, and we take pride in cultivating an atmosphere of joy amidst transformative healing.