Northern Virginia Group Painting Classes

Date Published: January 10, 2020
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What’s a Group Painting Class Like?

Come join us at Sage House for our newest addition to our community events- Group Painting Classes! Our painting classes are primarily led by Art Therapist, Kelley Kuchinov, MA, ATR-BC and take place at our beautiful Sage House painting space. Our sun- filled studio, overlooking our courtyard garden, welcomes your inner artist to open up to the creative process.

We also travel to you! Sage House partners with individuals for private gatherings as well as schools, organizations and corporations to bring the experience of making art to your door! Our group painting classes are tailored to the specific participant needs. While most of the painting groups we offer are for adults we also offer group painting events for children as young as 10 years of age. To learn more about hosting an event at your home or work place reach out to us!

Sage House Painting Classes are Unique

As Sage House is a private practice specializing in mental health care for individuals and families all our groups are mindful of incorporating wellness into the experience. We emphasize the creation of a safe and welcoming space for all. While some studios offer “Painting and Sipping” experiences, our groups provide an experience free from alcohol or substance use. Our painting classes seek to create the healthiest environment for all participants so everyone can have fun tap into their true creative self.

We are also a group of Art Therapists, which we think is pretty cool! Unlike most group painting classes, which are led by artists or those with a hobby in painting, our classes are led by Master-level, Registered, Board- Certified Art Therapists. Our skills as not only artists, but also as trained professional therapists offer a unique experience to participants. We curate groups to use specific colors, paints and subject matters depending on the participants. We carefully chose what will make for not only the most enjoyable, but also the most therapeutic experience for participants. While our group painting classes are not considered therapy or a support group we believe participants do find them to be therapeutic. Participants also get to experience a creative process that incorporates the knowledge of our highly trained clinicians, with extensive experience in creating safe, welcoming spaces that are non-judgmental and supportive for all. As Art Therapists, we also view all art made by participants in the group as extensions of themselves, not just paint on a canvas.

But seriously, I don’t know how to paint…

Don’t worry- even if you have never picked up a paint brush you can enjoy a group painting class! The purpose of the class is to try something new, while being guided and supported by our knowledgeable Sage House staff. Most of our participants have never (or only a hand full of times) ever painted on a canvas. Beginning with the basics your group painting host walks participants through the painting process from blank canvas to completed painting, providing insights along the way into color theory, perspective and basic art techniques.

With the goal to gather and have fun rather than create a masterpiece we emphasize joy, exploration and connection in our groups above all. We celebrate that no canvas will look alike. Many participants even find they are surprised by their own hidden artistic talents and creativity!

Do I Have to Bring Anything?

All you have to do is show up, have an open mind and enjoy the process! Our workshops are roughly two hours long and all participants are encouraged to take home their creations. The Sage House team provides all the paint, canvases and other materials required as well as facilitates set up and clean up. You get to be the artist and we take care of the rest!

Come Paint with Us!

At Sage House all participants are welcome. From experienced artists to someone who has never picked up a paint brush, the Group Painting Classes allow everyone to participate and enjoy the process of creation! We offer all of our participants the opportunity to gather as a group, play, explore and create in a space that celebrates the uniqueness of every piece of artwork created.

Interested in hosting or attending a Sage House Group Painting Classes? Please contact us!

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Interested in hosting a Group Painting Class at your workplace or for your next corporate retreat? Please reach out to us!